100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

The course is structured around various techniques, vastly ranging according to the expertise of our diverse team. However, they always connect to our core values.

We believe in the power of self initiative, self love and personal evolution. The only way to truly have an impact on the world is to start with the impact of our own vibrations.

We believe in the power of community; that a small group of like minded people have the power to change the world.

And we believe that those who have a position of power have a responsibility to help those in need. We actively reach out to our community and try to improve what we see.

That is what at the heart of our teacher training program – equipping you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to connect with others and teach the benefits of yoga so that other may experience the transformative effects.

Even if teaching is not your goal, we know that you are a conscious individual with the desire to expand your practice and embrace a yoga lifestyle.


Course Module 

This 100-hour course is for you if you want to deepen your practice, learn & understand the yoga science but don’t feel ready to commit to a full Yoga Teacher Training course or don’t aspire to be a yoga teacher yet.

This course is tailored for you to learn and master intense yoga asana (postures) practice, philosophy, Human body, Anatomy and more. You will be attending the classes alongside the 200-hour yoga teacher training course students.

  • Module 1: Welcome, induction & Foundation of yoga & it’s principle (20hr)

  • Module 2: Introduction to Hatha Yoga & Raja Yoga (10-hr)

  • Module 3: History & Philosophy of Yoga (10-Hr)

  • Module 4: Introduction to Human body in relation to Yoga (10Hour)

  • Module 5: Hatha in Practice (20-Hour)

  • Module 6: Anatomy & Physiology (10-Hour)

  • Module 7: Pranayama & Subtle body energy system (10-Hour)

  • Module 8: Mudra, Bandha and Shatkarma (5-hour)

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