1 Day Yoga Foundation Workshop

Brought to you by Song of Life, a spiritual, Ashram inspired centre based in West London.

Having taught over 200 Workshops and Meditation courses, Our teacher, Sumit Manav will guide you in becoming a confident Yogic.


Its not easy making the decision on where to invest your time, money and energy. That's why we want to invite you to our Foundation Day Workshop.

Come along and meet Manav, experience what he teaches, and more importantly ask us all your questions. Even if our courses aren't right for you, you will be clearer on what you are looking for and how to go about finding it through this introduction to Yoga.

As Manav teaches, each yoga pose has a science behind it and each posture plays with a certain part of the body. In this Foundation Day Workshop, you will learn the science behind each posture and the art of living an authentic yogic lifestyle to help facilitate one’s own holistic healing, self awareness and spiritual awakening.


You will build a solid foundation of knowledge about the yogic tradition and learn how to confidently perform Yoga.


In this foundation course, you will learn:

  • 1 Hour of Hatha Yoga.

  • 1 Hour of Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Wisdom.

  • 1 Hour of Yin Yoga.

  • 1 Hour of Meditation.

  • 1 Hour of Yoga Posture Correction including one-to-one attention as required.

  • 1 Hour of Question & Answer

  • 1 Hour of Networking with Teachers

This event also includes:

  • Nutritious Vegan & Vegetarian Lunch (Satvik Bhojan) prepared in Ashram-style.

What should you bring?

Comfortable clothes suitable for yoga, yoga mat if you have one, water bottle and sweat towel (optional).

Who is this event for?

This event is for people who are thinking about taking their yoga teacher training certification here in London, and would like to see what the course might entail before committing.

All levels welcome. Flexibility is not required! Previous yoga experience preferred.


Date: Saturday 1st February 2020


Time: 10am - 6pm

Location: Mehfil Hotel, 45 The Green, Southall, UB2 4AR (free parking available in the back of the hotel)


Cost: £ 75


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45 The Green, Southall UB2 4AR

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